Friday, May 21, 2021

First month and closing up

First month. Still no luck. The initial theory of splitting up the challenges seems to be working ok. I will have to make some adjustments since the last take back home took me two consecutive days. Interestingly enough, I've found an excellent book to read that has a more down to earth intro to Big O, Cover image for A Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms, Second Edition, 2nd Edition. It's easier to read than Sedgewick Algorithms since the latter focuses more on the math side. If you don't have a background there, it's terse and almost impossible to figure out. Now, regarding interviews, what I figured out to say is. The second most important thing, clear up from the beginning which languages you have been working with and that I am not a full-stack developer. The following are just two cases, but both of them pissed me off completely. Last Tuesday, I had an interview with a person that is in Japan. I had to wake up really early. The company that contacted me via angel didn't have any info about the company. All I knew was that it was a `blockchain` company, and that is all. Due to the sheer amount of interviews I've got, I don't have time to read every single one and get briefed during the interview. The dude complained due to my resume and didn't like it due to my trajectory. On my homepage, you can download my resume if you are intrigued. Besides that, he tried to pigeonhole me into a trainee position. He stated several times that training me will be a waste of time (literal). I don't have to explain how pissed off I got since I was doing a challenge. I put it out on hold for this idiot to be told that. There are a lot of amateur interviewers that consume your time. Hold on to this, though. I've got another example to give. Yesterday, Thursday, I had the second technical interview for a company that I asked to have the challenge a week later. The challenge itself, as I mentioned, took me 2 days full at most. It had an abstract question about a pseudolanguage that used some signals and boolean events to run functions. The idea was to "create" a function that finds the exact divisors of a given number. I provided him with a classical linear solution since I wasn't sure exactly if the language worked how it works. The challenge did not ask for optimized solutions. The challenge was to write a Flask API that receives a command. Stores it in MongoDB, returns the id, and uses that id to delegate to a background job that executes the command, stores the output in mongo. Then you had to create another endpoint that will receive that same Id, and print the output. I provided my usual template, unit tests. This Thursday, they contact me to have a second-round between that Thursday and today, both outside of regular business hours. Scheduled for Thursday at 18 Argentina and interview starts with two interviewers. One didn't talk, and the other asked the question (I'm aware that I'm not a native English speaker, but boy, it was tough to understand him.) They didn't read the README or even run my code. They didn't even read the pseudolanguage solution. Complained during the first half-hour of my resume of my experience. Proposed abstract scenarios that didn't like the provided answers. He didn't guide me or tell me anything, just wasted my time and complained. Even when I answered a question that permitted some development in his abstract world, he was so busy complained how bad it was my answer that he didn't hear something that later I googled and was one of the proposed solutions. Didn't guide the interview, just complained about answers when they were not correct. A typical pattern is that they complain about my short-lived positions. I don't know why they schedule a call to complain about that. But the worst is the one that sends me the challenge, puts a second interview, to spend half an hour complaining about my jobs. After I wrote this and was in a sequence of interviews, I got a contract with a staff augmentation company. I'm starting in two weeks wich a much better rate than I've ever had in my life.

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