Thursday, September 21, 2017


More experiences

And this is a new entry on this forgotten blogger site I've created and barely update.
What I'm up to.... the microservices fiasco.
Long story short, the microservices was just a charade because they didn't have any offer to give me after the contract was lost.
That project grew up a bit until they didn't have more funds.
Then they put me in whatever project they could find for me, and that was a company that installed solar rooftops. A 4-page flask application with a lot of heavy trigonometry calculation with 0 documentation and full of callbacks with 0 documentation.

They had tests for everything, but unluckily for me, I was stuck with a specific case of an AutoCAD file that when it was going through the flow, it produced an error.

The code was complicated, hard to read, and I'm not useful in trigonometry or electrical things, so my ability to provide reasonable solutions was 0. That is why I decided to leave.


I received an offer to work with a fin-tech company. I was excited, finance was a sector I always wanted to get involved with, since I read test-driven development by example, back in 2009.
And let me tell you. I wish I had never fulfilled my dreams.
Reality is awful.

The only place for my TDD book in this company would be to put it under a monitor to lift up the monitor.
The company is a startup, they honestly don't give a damn at all for any kind of testing.
No unit tests.
No integration testing.
No pep8.
I've overheard them that they use threading. I asked, don't you have problems with the GIL?.
They answered me, "what is the GIL?".
That is not the answer I was expecting and this is not an elaborated joke.
And no, I'm not using hyperbole, they literally answered me that.

I don't like this new job.
The goal of this client is focused on UI, creating Facebook pages,
and literally doesn't care if one of his customers is purchasing stock options has an error.
What happens if the transaction never occurs or happens and you have an error.

The company hires US university students and doesn't pay them.
They lure them with one of those fucking internships where they get "recommendations" for their services.
This girl that they hired, she did excellent work, and the pieces of shit of my coworkers laughed about her.