Saturday, September 14, 2019

2017 - 2018 - 2019 update

A long-time has passed since my last entry.
Let's recap. I was stuck in a really awful contract in fin-tech.
I couldn't bear it anymore and got a better job.
Just about 3 months until the end of 2017, I joined Shiftgig in Argentina.
Better pay, serious architecture, a promise to learn more, a lot of developers, and a possible career in leadership.
And the company was sold in December 2017.
I spend Christmas and the end of the year without spending too much cash.
Small savings, big mistake.
Fuck, I was lost.

I spent less than a month and got a new contract with Thirstie.
Remote work, much more pay than Shiftgig.
0 hassle.
Things went well for a year, I don't have much to comment, I was supposed to become a leader again.
January 1st, 2019, break up with my girlfriend of 2 years.
February 15th, 2019, my tutor and director of operations in Argentina that was preparing me to be a leader has to hire a CTO.
CTO fires him when he visits us.
The promise to become a leader vanishes, the team members that were with me do not acknowledge that we have a leader, despite me being the supposed person.
August 2019, Argentina again with the your dollars are not your dollars. My income is jeopardized. They force you to convert your hard-earn money to peso, the national currency that is worth a roll of toilet paper.
I took most of my dollars from the bank account and put them in a safe location.
I pay taxes, I'm a "responsable inscripto."
I pay taxes, 35% of my annual income next year.
I made advanced payments due to my income, about 40k pesos for 5 months.
They nuked my income with this law.
I can't save no more. For the first time in my life, I had savings, enough to live for years without working. They force me into that devaluated currency they use and take most of what I win.

In Argentina, there is no way to pay what I earn in the States, they devaluate the peso, and you don't have a way to cancel your debt with the State. Boom, welcome fiscal problems.
The utter stupid ideas that I hear when they tell me this is not what it is is ridiculous.

The only 100% legal options are buying dollars, which they will forbid soon. The previous government, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (CFK for short) authoritarian party did the same. They "offered dollars" but you had to ask permission AFIP (IRS if you are from the States) to buy and most of the time, you couldn't. Politicians could get their shitty hands in dollars without problems though.

The other option is to get into FCI investment, which this week I read news about people that invested in that got scammed and lost.

Doing things properly and following the law in Argentina is stupid, dangerous, and counterproductive.

Paying taxes is counterproductive, the system is made to bankrupt you, no matter what you do.
I'm not a huge company, so I don't have the resources to defend myself against the State. I don't have a viable future in this country. Being a remote developer works when we've got free access to dollars. *We bring dollars into the country*, we don't move the dollars out.

August, I left Thirstie, nothing to learn, nothing to gain here.
I start working for Vero, will see what happens. At the moment I've got a nice contract, but the economic situation here is awful.

Well, Alberto Fernandez seems to be the one that is going to win, and he comes back with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.
So this means rampant corruption, authoritarianism. 
Now they come back with a payback.
Welcome back the mindset that peso is good, the dollar is bad.
Forbid the entrance of external goods, block all imports, so you have the idiots here that buy the cheapest, shittiest Chinese material, slap a sticker that says "made in Argentina" and voila, the national industry is back!. Hey, that's important, because it creates jobs. I'm sure that after the protectionism is lifted, we will have the most advanced solutions for everything like it always has happened in this country. It's impossible to think that they will use the subsidies to get a metric shit-ton of money and become rich. No sir. They will invest in the development of my country. Yes, no concerns at all.
Macri was a total and absolute disaster. I've never seen someone fuck up so badly, crash, burn and take us down with him, well, except that he won't have problems.