Saturday, October 17, 2020

Moved to GCP and Golang

It has been awhile since I've written something.

I've left the real state company, the CFO that joined was a real piece of work.

I've spent a couple of months without a job, I've been moving with the same team for 3 years now.

During that pandemic vacation time, I've spent time playing with Gitlab, pipelines, React, Redux,Tornado in Python and Heroku.

We started a new contract that is a series a company that the core is in rails / typescript and shopify.

We are moving towards GCP / Golang / Shopify, but there is a long road ahead.

While we prepare for that, I've been playing around with hacker-rank exercises.

I've been using Golang as a sad excuse to use the language, because there is some road ahead before we start with the company to implement Golang.

There are certain things that since I've been working with Python since 2012 that feel different.

One simple thing, there is no way to determine the position of an array element in an array. You need to iterate the array to know the position.

This may sound trivial, but when you've got huge collections, like arrays of 9 thousand elements, it is going to be slow.

I've been focusing mostly in a really down to earth exercise, New Year Chaos.

I honestly love the problem, it is so simple, yet as soon as you've got more test cases, you promptly challenge your previous solution, since either it is too slow or it does not complete in the expected time.

I think that is really a great exercise.

Without further comment, we are two months before end of year and we haven't our baptism of fire with Golang, so I'm going to keep on fighting with that hacker rank problem in my spare time.

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